Prophecy To The Church (General)

Welcome to our Prophecy page. Here you can listen or read what “thus saith the Lord” to His people. We will post different prophecies as we are instructed by the Lord. It is important that we understand, that we are to live by faith and not by Prophetic words. However, God has in the past and still speaks through His prophets today.

It is believed by some Christians that Prophetic words are always a word of edification and exhortation. The gift of prophecy is indeed a word of edification and that of comfort to encourage and build up God’s people. But this is the gift of prophecy alone and PROPHETIC WORDS are made up of more than just the gift of prophecy. In prophetic words, are words of wisdom, knowledge and even the gift of discernment of spirits. For this reason, Prophetic words are sometimes mixed with words of correction, rebuke, instruction and direction. If most prophetic words are broken down into its different categories, within it are words of wisdom, knowledge and the gift of discernment. All of these are parts of the gift of the Holy Spirit as seen in 1Corinthians 12.

A true and mature prophet of God operates the gift of the word of wisdom, knowledge discernment of spirits and of course the gift of prophecy. So sometimes when such prophet gives a prophetic word, you may not only hear words of exhortation and comfort; it could be one of rebuke, correction, instruction and direction. One of the assignments of a prophet is to help call God’s people back on track and encourage those on track. God will use His prophets to achieve this goal through different means which usually involves INTERCESSION, TEACHING THE WORD AND THE PROPHETIC WORD.

The gift of the word of wisdom, knowledge and the discernment of spirits is not operated in the body of Christ by a lot of people as much as the gift of prophecy, for this reason, words of edification and comfort are heard more in churches (which is a good thing because it helps the people’s faith), however, it also makes the congregation think that those are the only kind of words that should be uttered prophetically. But it is important to note that not all that have the gift of prophecy are in the office of a prophet and as such may not operate the other gifts mentioned above. But the prophet or prophetess by reason of the anointing of the prophetic office to function, operates in the other gifts. God uses him or her to reach His people in the way that He sees fit to bring them back to Him, propel them forward or encourage them where they are. For this reason God will speak to His people by words of CORRECTION, REBUKE, INSTRUCTION, DIRECTION OR EDIFICATION.

I pray that as you read or listen to the Prophecy for the body of Christ on this website, you will hear with your heart and take heed to “WHAT THUS SAITH THE LORD UNTO HIS CHURCH”

God bless you. Amen

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