A Prophetic Word To The Body of Christ

Date: 03/14/08

Did I not say that I am separating
Those who are for Me and those that are not for Me.
I have spoken
There will be a difference between them whose source is in Me…..they will see My work……My hand is upon My own…My hand is upon them.
They will see My hand for we are in the season of distinguishing My power
My hand is released
My hand will lead them into the land of plenty……For I say there is a separation. A shaking
Them that are of Me will stand and them who are not, will not stand.
I will make mine to stand…there are stairs I will lead them to …in instructions, inventions, business…..I am doing a thing.
I make My face to shine
We are in the season for My coming……People are saying it’s a season of great wealth, and new beginnings.
Beginning of what?
My returning?
Yes…I come quick
He that has an ear, let him hear.
Even if it becomes bad …….and it shall become bad.
My hand is upon those who cry unto me night and day. I will show them great mercy and show them great power.
Those who set their face like a flint…I will show them exceeding great power like I brought my people out of Egypt.
I never leave My people to be snatched…….to be held captive…..I’ll bring them I distinguish My people.
There’s a shaking
For I shake away the chaff that the wheat might remain
People will say, “do we not serve the same Lord, how is it that there is plenty in your house and not in mine.”
And they will answer, “the Lord has shown us His Face and favor because we have stayed in the camp and have not moved our feet”.
Many’s faith shall be tried to see whether they truly believe.
It doesn’t matter how rough it gets I never leave mine or forsake……..Many shall compromise….run away……as many that will seek their own gain and seek a solution for themselves…. they are not mine.
I allowed the sheep and goat to grow together…….but there is coming a time that I separate and blow away the chaff that the real shall remain
I close many windows to many people….. to those who have relied on their own strength and on the arm of flesh….who relied on windows I did not open. They say “see God has blessed me”…. and I have not blessed them. They depended on their own strength…..The strength of man and not of God.
I see and I have allowed it for a season…….but no more.
I reign My fire and I burn it off and nothing shall remain. I’ll bring them to naught and they will know that I am God. Let he that has an ear hear what I speak unto My people.