A Prophetic Word To The Body of Christ
Through Prophetess Choice

Part 1

It is a shift.
I am doing that in many places.
I’m shifting.
I want people to see My glory. I am setting My people for My glory.
Look at what I am doing. I am strategically placing people in places to teach about My
glory. For people to come into My kingdom. We do not have to say, “Know ye the Lord.”
I am a God of plenty. I am limitless in everything I do.
Too many people are living beneath what I have for them even though they know Me,
and serve Me.
No more!
This is why I release My grace in a new dimension. I am lifting My people to the place
where they have to be. The struggle has been too much, yet in their struggle, they serve
Me, they love Me, they worship Me and they do My will.
They didn’t give up even when they should have –they held on and said, “I know my
Redeemer liveth.”
For many that have been in this place of “my Redeemer liveth”, I am about to show
Myself that I live, I live.
I am a God of plenty.
I am a God of abundance. (Several times)
My children will not live beneath where they lived. So says the Spirit of God, I am doing
a thing. As many as will hear My voice, they that will hearken to My Word of that open
heavens will they receive of Me.
Do not give up!
Yes, it is for My glory!
It is for My splendor!
I want to demonstrate My wealth! Prosperity- truly for what it is.

Nothing missing, nothing broken in wealth, in health
I am a God of plenty saith the Spirit of the Lord.

Part 11

See rain! See rain! See rain! See rain!
For so long I caused to rain on the wicked and the good – natural rain but yea saith the
Lord, I am about to cause a SPIRITUAL RAIN on My people. There is a falling a spiritual
rain of blessings, of blessings for My glory.
All of this is for My glory.
For indeed the earth shall be filled with My glory as the waters cover the sea for My
For I have taken My people through shakings.
I allowed the enemy to shake My people and to have his reign.
I stood back. Why? So they will know what was in their heart.
Remember my daughter Choice, what I told you in 2006… It was an era. It is an era, a
shaking, when things happened.
So says the Lord, I am a God of mercy.
Yes indeed the Church has come to another era of My glory.
I do the work and I cut it short because the day of accountability has come. So that
many will see Me and come into my kingdom and one of the quickest way to bring the
unbelieving, the lost, is to come in and shower My glory on My people. To use them as
My poster children for them to see the benefits of serving Me.
Those who have said, “my Redeemer liveth will stand and see Me for themselves.
There is about to be a wave of glory (3 times) saith the Spirit of the Lord.