A Prophetic Word To The Body of Christ

Vision: Prophetess saw a host of angels dispatching gifts

“OPEN HEAVENS” says the Spirit of the Lord.
My people I say to you, you are sitting under open heavens.
My grace is sufficient. My grace overlooks and brings it forth because I am God.
Plenteous in mercy, plenteous of grace even things that people’s faith will… because
I want to show Myself strong. Why? I want the world to know that I am plenteous. I am
God and besides Me there is no other.

Vision: Prophetess saw the Church sitting in a field and a host of angels were dropping

For it is a revival of Church, My people/Body of Christ. A revival of My glory, that men
will see My glory. That people may know that I am the same. I am the God that calleth.
I am God that equips. I am equipping My Church/people for the latter days that they
may be able to face the things they need to face. We are in the last days and I prepare
my people to face that. It is My grace, My mercy – receive it.
It is for My glory.
It is for My splendor.
Rest upon Me saith the Spirit of Grace.
Yokes will be broken.
Things will be easy for those who know Me and hide themselves in Me.
Hide yourself in Me for I am eternal. All that you need is in Me.
In Me, there is salvation.
In Me there is deliverance.
There is nothing out there beside Me. There is nothing out there outside of Me saith the
Spirit of God.
Come, come into My presence.
Come, come abide in My presence
Come, come in and stay in My glory where the pastures are green and the water is still
and more than enough – where there is sufficiency.
Stay, for it is in My presence that the yoke is removed because My presence is the
anointing. Stay in Me. Hide in Me. Make your habitation in Me.

Rest in Me for My peace is greater and it passes every other peace anything can give
Abide in Me and let My words abide in you.
Abide in Me My people and let My Word abide in you. Ask what you will and it will be
done unto you saith the Lord. But first, first abide in Me saith the Spirit of God.