A Prophetic Word To The Body of Christ

Date: 12/13/10

It is an assignment to prophetically help push My people into their next place, destinies- AN AWAKENING.
Many have travailed, many people have been dressed waiting to advance but are not PREPARED! Preparation is lacking though they are dressed.
A message to be sounded again and again and again!
An era, a season to usher My people into their destinies for many have held themselves in the same place.

Prepared how?
By knowing My vision, by asking questions, by instructions, by people taking risks, by faith, study and prayer to be prepared. Many have stood still in the same place.  I have left that place and I am waiting…
Many destinies came to meet them but they could not see- they could not grasp it.
(Prophetess saw a picture of outstretched fingers with sand slipping through them)
The Lord said, “That is how it is with My people”. It has dropped in their palms but because they didn’t know, it slipped and they say, when?
Be prepared, for a soldier does not go to war unprepared. It doesn’t matter how long they have been soldiers for. When it is time for war, they exercise, they train. Why then do My people in the spirit realm not do the same?
Destinies are ready for those who are prepared. Those who have become successful …… is because they were prepared for something so that when the day came, it did not catch them unawares.

Destinies await! There is work to be done. There are laborers in the field, yes, but many are just walking up and down. When a plow man takes his plow and puts it in the ground in one lane back and forth, back and forth for a long time. That lane will …… it will become waterlogged because they plowed the same spot, but meanwhile the field is big. They plow on the field where they have plowed. They are working, doing a work that has already been done. Do you not see the person that is over there? It is time to move forth- following the vision I have given not the one I have not given.
IT IS TIME TO ADVANCE for there is still some work to be done and there are laborers, yet the work is not being done.
Saith The Spirit of the Lord.


The main point of this prophetic word; is that God is calling His people to rise up to their responsibilities in doing what can be done by them in order for the gospel to be propagated.  Sometimes we wait for God to do what we are responsible for.  God has a sphere of influence for everyone.  It behooves us to know what that sphere of influence is, and do what is necessary to be successful in that place where God has placed us.  Say for example, God has called you to reach the educated (your sphere of influence), then go to school and be educated.  This is what you can do for yourself.  God will not do for you what you are to do for yourself.
Many people are anointed (dressed), but not prepared (not ready for their sphere of influence).  Why? They have not done what they are supposed to do.  They have not allowed THE Holy Spirit to lead them in the necessary steps that will get them prepared for the task ahead of them.  So though they are anointed, they are not prepared, and this is why they have not made maximum impact in their sphere of influence.  But it is time to change.

                                                         & GREAT IMPACT ON SOULS FOR GOD’S KINGDOM.


It is time to advance.  Ask the Holy Spirit to prepare you for your sphere of Influence.

Father, I pray that your people will allow you to prepare them, so that there will be great impact on souls for your kingdom in Jesus name. Amen.