A Prophetic Word To The Body of Christ

Date: 11/20/09

I light a fire in my people.
This is not the fire for take, or give me this.
It is a fire that will burn inside of you for a hunger for Me than never before.
A hunger, that will set forth an awakening in the spirit – your spirit.
A fire just like Jeremiah when he said, “I can’t stay silent” because of My fire.

I set it on now.
An unrest in your spirit saith the Spirit of God.
An unrest that you will begin to say, “I want more – not enough.  I want more. This is not enough. I want more.”
This shall be the mark upon them that are My own.
Even as we go into the YEAR 2010, IT IS A SEASON OF UNREST.
But a good unrest.  Unrest in the sense that inside of you, you want more and more and more, Saith the Spirit of the Lord.

A thirst, a hunger, a thirst, a hunger, that which only I can quench; and as you see Me, and as you partake of Me, and as you hear more, and I reveal Myself to you, it will only make you want more and more and more.

And as many,  saith the Lord that will continue to have that quest, that will continue to feel that hunger in My Word, that will continue to feel that thirst with My Word, they will be distinguished from the other people.

They will be distinguished in the middle of turmoil, in the middle of calamities, they have peace, they have joy, and they have plenty, because I have set you this day on fire.

Be careful My people saith the Spirit of God, for I say again, we are getting into the season where there is the occult, witchcraft, divination, and all kinds of manner of power that will try to imitate My own,  Saith the Lord.

If My people are not grounded, or My people do not hear My Voice,
And My people do not understand My voice, and My people do not know how I speak, they will follow the wrong one.

Yea, saith the Lord, for I designed it that way, because did I not say in the last days people will have itching ears?
What do they itch for?

They itch to hear that which—what they want to hear.
They itch to hear that which—-what they like.
They itch to hear that which—–what they think it should be, saith the Spirit of God.

So I allow them to follow their itching ears that will lead them astray to the place that is not Mine.

But saith the Lord, if your itching, if your quest, if your hunger, if your thirst is for Me and Me alone, saith the Lord, then I also will fill you and lead you to the place where the pasture is green and where the water is still.

Yea saith the Lord, the year 2010 – calamities, calamities, calamities
But saith the Spirit of God them that are Mine are fine.  They are okay.
People say it is going to be okay in 2010.  It will be okay for them that know Me saith the Lord.  But for them who do not, it shall be worse.

Yes! Some say it is raining.
Some say it is a rain of blessing.
Some say it is not a rain of blessing.
I say it rains!
It rains whatever I want it to rain.
Tighten your belts saith the Spirit of God.
Tighten your girdles.
Take it around your waist and tie it tight.
Take the girdle of My Word around your waist.
For that is the only thing that shall sustain you in the days ahead – in the days that are coming saith the Spirit of God.
The days of turmoil,
The days of confusion,
The days of running here and running there.
Yea saith the Lord, it gets worse, but then it gets good for them that are Mine, Saith the Spirit of God.

Take the girdle of My Word and bind it around your waist.  Let no man take it away, saith the Spirit of God.  For it is the truth that you know, that will set you free – the truth of My Word that you know for yourself.

For I have sounded the alarm again and again and I have spoken to My people again and again.

Some say, “there they go again, always saying, Thus saith the Lord”.
Some say, “there they go again, always looking for a word to speak”.
They laugh, ha ha!

It is okay, saith the Spirit of God, but we shall see who will laugh last.
For them that will take My Word seriously, they shall laugh last.  But them that will not, now they laugh, but later they cry.

Make up your mind, I say My people, saith the Lord, what side you belong – the one that will laugh now, or the one that will laugh last.

For in Me there is always laughter. For I am God, and I AM able to do exceedingly, abundantly, more than any one can ask or think saith ,the Spirit of God.